This is a inactive parish supported through contributions and annual picnic fundraising to maintain church, cemetery and grounds.




It is with a heavy heart that we regret to inform our supporters that our long time President, William Murphy passed away. Billy passed away on April 26, 2018 and was interned at St. Patrick's Old Rock Church Cemetery.



Thank you to everyone who attended our annual picnic.
It was a wonderful day and a great success.
For 2019: St. Patrick's Mass time is still TBD
Memorial Day Mass will be at 11:00 AM
Our next Picnic will be Sunday, August 18, 2019.

St. Patrick's - "Old Rock Church"

St. Patrick's Parish was established in 1843 - on the right bank of the Meramec River near Priest Ford.
Construction of the Rock Church was started in 1852, interrupted by the Civil War and completed in 1866.

St. Patrick's Current Preservation Society has cared for St. Patrick's "Old Rock Church" since 1972. As our members grow older we are always in need of new, young help. Please consider making St. Patrick's a part of your family legacy and bring younger members of your family to participate in meetings, masses and picnic events. 


Administrator:  Fr. Mark Bozada   
President: David Murphy 314-226-3469 
1st Vice-President: Matt Pross 314-341-0125
2nd Vice-President: Steve Conley 636-349-1450
Treasurer: John Painter 636-257-0700
Secretary: Kim Conley 314-402-1377

Church Event Manager Kim Conley 314-402-1377
Cemetery Manager Matt Pross 314-341-0125
 Board Members: Charles Hayden, Del Viehland, Jim Conley & Paul Mangan

Saint Patrick

(flourished 5th century; feast day March 17)

Patron saint of Ireland. Born in Britain of a Romanized family, he was captured at age 16 by Irish raiders and carried into slavery in Ireland. He spent six years as a herdsman before escaping from his master and being reunited with his family in Britain. Called in a dream to bring Christianity to the Irish, he returned to Ireland and journeyed far and wide, baptizing chiefs and kings and converting whole clans. One popular legend says that he explained the notion of the Holy Trinity using the shamrock, now the national flower of Ireland. He is also said to have rid Ireland of snakes.

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