St. Patrick's Library

The small white building behind the trees was St. Patrick's Library, the library had over 600 books. 

The church had a library as early as 1866, the Benevolent Society minutes on page 11 appointed a committee to value the books.

February 1867 the society assign a committee to purchase books from Boston, Mass. (page 20), at a later date the books would be purchased from St. Louis.

March 1867 the society resolved that boys of the age 10 may be admitted to use the library for an admittance fee of fifty cents and 10 cents per month thereafter. No member was allowed to have more then one book at a time and no member was allowed to loan a book to someone who was not a member otherwise they would be fined.

Rules of initiation required each member to donate a book (page 49), it states that every member not donating a book in accordance with the rules of initiation would be charged fifty cents to purchase a book.

June 1872 women were admitted to use the library by paying the initiation fee and then ten cents per month thereafter (page 80).
In the 1930's the library books were moved to the KC Hall, to be stored.

July 2004 an inventory of the books was taken, and the remaining books are listed below. 

Remaining Library Books

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2American Republic 
4The Ark of The People 
5Alban or The History of A Young Puritan 
6An Amicable Discussion of The Church of England 
7The Acts of The Early Martyrs 
10Bookerton or The Immigrants Daughter 
12Attempts to Establish the Reformtion in Ireland 
14Alexis Clerg 
15Alice Sherwin: A Tale of the Days of Sir Thomas More 
16The Heroine of Vesuvius 
20Aners Return 
21Aspirations of Nature 
24Ambitions Contest or Faith and Intellect 
25Arbitrary Power, Popery, Protestantism 
26All Hallow Eve 
29A Dominican Artist 
30A Visit to Bois D'Haine, The home of Louise Lateau 
32The Apostleship or Prayer 
34Young People Library, Short Tales and Parables 
35A Treatise on Baptism: and Confirmation 
46Father Oswald A genuine Catholic Story 
51Florence Oneill, The Rose of St. Germans 
52A Debate of the Roman Catholic Religion 
53History of the Variations of the Protestant Churches 
54The Bohemians 
55Bossuets Variation Vol I 
60The Baltimore Gun Club 
66Treatise on Baptism 
69Beauties of Faith 
77Cradle lands 
81A History of the Protestant Reformation 
83Charity and Truth 
85The Christian Cemetery 
92The Crucifix of Baden and Other Stories 
93Christian Perfection Vol I 
94The Convert or Leaves From My Experience 
95Lorenzo Or the Empire of Religion 
99The Child 
100Catechism of Irish History 
101Callista: A Sketch of the Third Century 
106The Christian Trumpet 
112Castle of Roussillon 
113New Indian Sketches 
113The Connexion Between Science and Revealed Religon 
118Confession of a Apostate 
121Valentine Redmond or The Cross of the Forest 
123Diary of a Soldier 
129European Civilization 
131Edith Mortimer or The Trials of Life at Mortimer Manor 
133Treatise on Despondency 
135The French Prisoner 
139The Boyne Water 
139Works of W.Cahill, D.D. 
140France Its king Court 
141Fabiola, or, The Church of the Catacombs 
146Fickle Fortune 
149The Four Seasons 
151Faith, Hope, and Charity A tale of the Reign of Terror 
152Florence Macarthy A National Tale 
160The Life of Gerald Griffin 
161The Works of Gerald Griffin 
168The Works of Gerald Griffin 
170Gerald Griffins Works The Invasions 
173The Glories of The Sacred Heart 
176Gerald Griffins Works The Collegians 
177Mrs Geralds Niece 
180The Gentle Skeptic 
189Grantley Manor 
193Holy Man of Tours 
196Helion De Villeneuve, A French Zouave 
198History of The Life and Institute of St Ignatius De Loyola Vol I 
199History of The Life and Institute of St Ignatius De Loyola Vol II 
200The Hidden Gem 
202Hornihold of the Commandments and sacraments 
206Hornehurst Rectory 
207For Husks Food 
212Life Of Napoleon III 
212The Novels and Tales of Samuel Lover 
213The Life of St. Francis Xavier 
215The Life of St Patrick,St Bridget and Columba 
217A History of England In the 18th Century Vol I 
219A History or England In the 18th Century Vol III 
222A History of England Vol II 
223A History of England Vol 3 
224A History of England Vol 4 
226A History of England Vol 6 
227A History of England Vol 7 
228Lingards History of England 
229A History of England Vol 9 
234A life of Pius IX Down to the Episcopal Jubilee 
242Lucas Garcia and Other Stories 
243Life of The Cure D'Ars 
247Life of St Alphonsus 
249Loss and Gain or, The Story of A Convert 
249The Life and Voyaes of Christopher Columbus 
252Laurentia A Tale of Japan 
256Life of Frances De Sales 
258Letters To Young Men 
260Life of Bishop Brute 
262Loss and Gain or, The Story of A Convert 
268Letters of A Young Irishwoman 
271Letters of Eugene De Guerin 
276My Clerical Friends 
279True Womanhood 
280The Monks of The West Vol I 
281The Monks of The West Vol II 
283Moral Philosophy 
284Madame Agens and Muiceron 
289The Massingers 
292Life and Letters of Madame Swetchine 
295The Miraculous Medal 
315Our Faith, The Victory 
317Our Lady of Lourdes 
318An Old World as Seen Through Young Eyes 
323Historical Sketches of O'Connell and His Friends 
328Pauline Seward, A Tale of Real Life 
330The Peep O 'Day; And the Baron De Crane 
332The Authentic Report of the Discussion 
336The People Martyr 
337An Inquiry into the Principles of Church-Authority 
339Principles of Government 
341Post Offices United States 
343Pearl of Antioch A Picture of the East 
345Peters Journey and Other Tales 
346The Progressionists 
348Perils of the Ocean and Wilderness 
353Apostolical Succession 
354Barringtons Sketches 
355Prayer The Key of Salvation 
360Lectures on Reason and Revelation 
362Recollections of the Last Four Popes 
363Rome and The Abbey 
364Rome: Its Ruler and its Institutions 
366Notes on Ingersoll 
366Robert; Or the Influence of A Good Mother 
372Majors Reasons 
374Redmond Count O'Hanlon 
375Rosemary or Life and Death 
380St. Augustins Confessions or Praises of God 
381The Sham Squire and The Informers of 1798 
382Prophet of the Ruined Abbey 
387The Spirit-Rapper 
388The Student of Blenheim 
391Sin and Its Consequences 
392Seven Stories 
396Spirit of St Francis of Sales 
398Six Sunny Months 
399Stumbling Blocks made Stepping Stones 
399The House of Yorke 
401True to Trust 
402Tales of Mt. St Bernard 
408The Two Victories A Catholic Tale 
412Pope Benedict XIVPresented by Henry Golden March 3rd, 1866
412The Ferryman of the Tiber 
415Trials of A Mind 
420Valentine M'Clutchy, The Irish Agent 
421The Vatican Decrees And Civil Allegiance 
423The Tale of The First Centurys 
426The Veil Withdrawn 
427Visit to Rome 
428Vengeance of A Jew 
429St, Januarius 
430Jane Sinclair or The Fawn of Springvale 
431John O'Brien, or The Orphans of Boston 
432Joan or Arc , The Maid or Orleans 
433The Works of Gerald Griffin 
434Well Begun is Half Done or The Young Painter 
436Wild Times 
438Works of The Most Reverend John Hughes DD Vol I 
439Works of The Most Reverend John Hughes DD Vol II 
440Wards Errata 
446Irish Faith in America 
452Infallible Authority of the Pope 
454The Immaculate Conception 
458The Truth and the False Infallibility 
461Irelands Case Stated 
461The Internal Mission of the Holy Ghost 
464Irish Fireside Tales 
466Sir Thomas More 
470All Around the Moon 
473The Kings Highway 
478The King and the Cloister 
481The Sham Squire and The Informers of 1798 
486Fathers of the Deserts 
488Alley Moore: A Tale of the Times 
494Hassan Abdallah or The Enchanted Keys 
497The Two Colonels 
502Paradise Lost 
516The Professor at the Breakfast Table 
523The New South 
537The Autocrat of The Breakfast Table 
667Life of Blessed Paul of the Cross 
113xWilliam Shakespeare 
114xTales of the Angels 
116xHeroine of Algiers 
117xOld Andrew, The Weaver 
11xThe Bible, Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting 
123xKings Justice 
12xThe Bohemians 
13xThe Bible, Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting 
17xBlind Mans Son 
21xBook of the Professed 
22xCounsels of A Christian Mother to Her Daughter 
25xCobbets Legacy To Parsons 
27xConsiderations of the Ministry 
28xChateau Lescure or The Last Marquis 
33xZenosius or The Pilgrim Convert 
35xThe Daughter of Tyrconnell 
38xEleanor Mortimer or the World and the Cloister 
40xThe Easter Eggs and other tales 
41xAn Epistle of Jesus Christ to the Faithful Soul 
59xHermann, The Pianist 
5xAdelmar, The Templar 
63xFifty Reasons 
67xThe Spirit of Christianity 
71xThe True Spiritual Conferences of St Francis of Sales 
74xThe Spanish Cavaliers 
82xThe Seraph of Assisium 
83xInstructions on the Commandments and Sacraments 
85xRed Hand of Ulster 
86xThe Orphan of Moscow 
92xThe Old Catholic at Cologne 
97xThe Life of the Rev JBM Vianney 
98xThe Life of St Agnes of Rome Virgin and Martyr 
 "Pigs is Pigs" 
 Anthon's Ainsworths Latin Dictionary 
 Anthons' Cicero 
 Anthon's Homer 
 Anthons Sallust 
 Anthon's Tacitus 
 Catholic Anecdotes 
 Catholic Family Library 
 Childs Sabbath Day Book 
 Christian Missions VOL I 
 Christian Missions VOL II 
 Chronicles of Ballytrain (Piece) 
 Coelete Palmetum 
 Comprehensive Series Manual of Intellectual Arithmetic (Piece) 
 Democracy and World Relations 
 Elementary History of the US 
 Elementary Physiology and Hygiene 
 Elementry Arithmetic 
 Elements of Chemistry 
 English Grammar on the Productive System 
 Facing Danger 
 Father Oswald A genuine Catholic Story 
 Gerald Griffins Works 
 Gould Adams Latin Grammar 
 History of Ireland 
 Holland Tide (Piece) 
 Internal Mission of the Holy Ghost 
 Irish History (Piece) 
 Journey through My years 
 Le Voyage De Monsieur Perrichon 
 Leusdens Greek and Latin Testament 
 L'Histoire Sainte 
 Life of Leo X 
 Life of St Antony of Padua of the Order of Friars-Minor 
 Lucy Ward 
 Morton House 
 Notes on Ingersoll (Piece) 
 Nouets Meditations For Every Day in the Year 
 O'Kane on the Rubrics 
 Order of St. Dominic 
 Pax Pobiscumand the Greatest Thing in the World 
 Propagation of Faith 
 Riverside Literature Series Evangeline 
 Sadliers Fireside Library Number 6 (Piece) 
 Short sermons of the Gospels 
 Sincere Christian 
 Synodus Diocesana Sti Ludovici Quarta 
 Tarr and McMurrys Geographies 
 The Black Prophet (Piece) 
 The Clifton Tracts 
 The First Battle 
 The Illustrated Natural History 
 The Illustrated Natural History (Piece) 
 The Lamplighter 
 The New Agriculture 
 The Peep O 'Day; And the Last Baron of Crana 
 The Southworth stone Arithmetic Book 2 
 Theological Moaralis 
 Thesaurus Biblicus or Handbook of Scripture Reference 
 Travels in England, France, Italy and Ireland 
 Travels in the Californias (Piece) 
 Two Little Girls 
 Valerie Aylmer 
 Works of D.W. Cahill D.D 

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